Save money and resources at home with the help of these hacks

In today’s world, the price of everything seems to always be on the rise. The main thing on people’s minds is how to save money as there are so many different types of payments to take care of. Be it home loans, petrol expenses, household and maintenance charges, the salary of the cook- there are so many things that are a recurring expense, and these also go up in value as time passes.

At a time when every last dime saved could contribute to another cause, these below mentioned house hacks will help any and everyone save up a decent amount of money in the long run if followed correctly, since people do not pay that much attention to some of these things.

Unplug electronics when not in use

This is a common mistake that majority of people make since they are under the apprehension that no power is being used simply because the switch is turned off. What people do not know is that power is still getting used even if not in the same proportion as when the switch is turned on. A lot of energy consumption (as much as 10% of the monthly total) can be avoided thanks to this hack alone and in that process quite a bit of money as well.


Who would have thought that curtains would have much use apart from providing shade and aesthetic beauty? Believe it or not, these too have a major impact on the way a home cools or heats up. It has been estimated that curtains with white lining reduce heat intake by 33% while 10% of heat loss can be reduced by closing the curtains. For maximum efficiency, the curtains should be put up as high as possible.

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The roof of the house should be painted white in color as this helps in terms of the cooling or heating of the house. In a country like India which is already so hot, painting the roof in a darker color would mean larger costs incurred due to excess use of the AC.

Be sure to hire an exterminator to prevent pests from entering your home and causing an infestation. If pest are not attended to promptly, they will become a bigger and much more expensive problem.

Coming out of the closet

It is best to keep the closet doors closed as this prevents unnecessary spaces from getting filled up.


The toilet is one of the areas where the most amount of water is used. Less water can be consumed while flushing simply by putting an empty bottle inside the cistern part. This would instantly save on a lot of water. Placing something heavy like a brick would also do the trick.

Low flowing showerheads are another good option as they emit 1.5 gallons of water per minute as compared to the normal 4-5 gallons from regular showerheads. The cleaning quality of clothes do not get affected but some energy is saved by using cold water instead of hot.


Not all residential apartments in Bangalore come with this option even though the city has plenty of it. Adding a number of plants to the house would not only make it seem more beautiful, this would help in keeping the house cooler at all points of time.

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These plants should be placed in the north or in the north-west to gain maximum benefit. Having plants within the home has also been known to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind. It saves quite a bit on the monthly electricity charges as well.

Electrical appliances

CFL is a proven winner. This is one of the best ways to save on a lot of money in the long run as it saves 75% more energy and lasts 10 times longer than normal bulbs. Most, if not all, of the builders and developers in Bangalore use these. Controlling the temperatures of the AC is also another way of saving energy and costs.


No one has time these days to access the multitude of channels being offered by the various televisions operators. It is best to figure out the favorites and the ones that are viewed regularly so that the unwanted channels can be discontinued as most of the channels come at a cost or are a part of a package. Turning down the brightness levels also saves a decent amount of energy.

If put into play on a regular basis, these abovementioned factors will not just save a lot of money in the long run, it will have a major positive impact as well in various ways of saving the planet by reducing wastage of water and energy consumption. Seems like the perfect solution- a win-win situation for all money photo

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