Steps to Set Up an Internet Email Account in Outlook 2013/2016

Do you face problem while setting up an internet email account In Outlook 2013/2016? Don’t be anxious, as you can set the account smoothly by following some common steps.

Mentioned below are some simple tips that you should follow if you want to set up an internet email account in Outlook 2013/2016:

In order to complete the below-provided steps, you will need to possess your email address and password provided by your Internet service provider (ISP).

  • At first open Outlook.
  • Select the File tab.
  • Choose Account Settings in the Info category.
  • Next, opt for Account Settings in the dropdown.
  • On the Email tab, choose New.
  • Go to the Add New Account dialog box. Under Auto Account Setup configure the settings by following the below-mentioned steps in the Email Account section:
  • Enter your full name in the Your Name box.
  • Then in the Email Address box, type your e-mail address.
  • Be sure that this information is provided by your ISP.
  • In the Password box, type the password that your ISP provided.
  • Retype your password In the Retype Password box.
  • And then tick ‘Next’ to begin the Auto Account Setup process.

Then your account will be automatically configured by Outlook. In the case of some ISPs, you need to enter the full email address into the User Name field. Select the Save this password option in your password list check box if you want Outlook to automatically enter your email password. Once your account is successfully configured, the Add New Email Account dialog box will display that the account is formed successfully.

  • Selecting Finish, tap the Close button.

In case the automatic configuration does not work, the Auto Account Setup feature will try to connect by using a connection that is not encrypted. If this method also fails, then you need to configure the account manually.

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In order to complete the manual configuration of your account, you will need to know your email address, password, incoming mail server name, and outgoing mail server name provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

How to do Advanced Server Setup?

In case you want to change your email account, tick More Settings to open the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box. In the Internet Email Settings, dialog box the ‘Advanced’ tab allows you to set the POP3 and the SMTP server ports.

Some ISP mail servers now call for a secure (SSL) port for both the POP3 and the SMTP servers.

The delivery settings will let you read a message, but leave the message on the server for a specific time. This feature will help you if you use the same email account from more than one device.  Basically Outlook enables this feature and sets the time limit to 14 days on the server before the copies of messages are erased. Delete the Leave a copy of messages on this server check box if you do not want to keep copies of messages on the server.

These above-mentioned steps will ideally help you, but if you have any further doubt, then it is important that you take an expert help. So stop wasting your time and give a call to the technicians at outlook tech support number.


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