Set Parental Control On Android Smartphones and Tablets

In the modern world, everyone is using the technological creatures, especially in the shape of smartphones and tablets. You have often seen kid has the smartphones and tablets in their hands. Therefore, you may want to protect your device as well as your kids.  Put parental control on your devices by applying following methods.

Just make a Second Account For your kids

Having an Android smartphone or tablet, which is running the Android 4.2 or above version then you can easily make more than one users account. So, you can make individual user accounts, one for yourself and your kids as well.

Now you can enable to put some restrictions on specific accounts and restrict to apps, games and some particular features which can harm young kids psychologically and physically. Now learn how you can make an individual user account and implement parental control.

You just need to open the apps list and then make a tap on the settings icon.

Secondly, you need to do, go to the settings page and find users, just make a click on it. There are some certain devices where you need to make a tap on General tab at the very top of the screen.

Now select to add the new profile and tap on the Add User button. A message will appear, read it and then make a tap OK in order to make sure that you are ready to set up an account. You just need aware of that every single user has their own style to work in, therefore possibly every single user has their separate wallpaper picture and apps and Wi-Fi settings.

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When you have done with the creation of new user account, switch Android Parental control, it requires settings within the security and on other different options. Make a tap on set up and start adding a user account.

Just logged out of your current user and you will see the welcome screen for the new user. It would be very similar to the setup wizard you will get while initially setting up your smartphone.

If you are willing for the new user to have internet access, just need to confirm to select your Wi-Fi network from the list and submit your password when indicated.

Parental control on tablets and smartphones

There are plenty of techniques and methods which enable you to set parental control on Android smartphones and tablets. The manufacturers like HTC and Samsung provide into their latest devices, software to meet the need of parenting control. We have to manage to make changings in settings then you will be able to protect your kids safe.

Make restriction on App-store and purchases

Protect the Play Store by putting a password in order to avoid your kids to change the states of your bank accounts by purchasing online app and games. You can do this by following steps.

Just go to the menu button, which seems like three lines at the head of a corner of play store very next to the search box.

The menu will appear; go to the settings through the bottom of the list.

Know and make a tap on needed authorization for purchasing.

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You can select either you are agreeing to ask from Google password each time when you went for downloading the play store or just ask you a password with every passing 30 minutes, in order to make you more comfortable to use.

Restrict third party applications

It does not make a difference at this point download apps from the third party instead of from the play store; we just need to confirm that their party option has been restricted.

Now open app list and make a click on settings.

Go down to the page and touch security, on some particular smartphones and tablets you need to make the tap on plenty of headings initially in order to see your settings.

Now confirms that the option enable installation for apps from stranger sources is disabled.

Now do the process of filtration on Play store and show only those particular apps which are reasonable for young kids and you can learn the process by following steps.

You can filter the Play Store to only show apps that are appropriate for children, and the process is very easy to follow:

You need to go back to the play store app and make a click on the menu button.

Select the settings.

Go downward to user control and tap on parental control.

Submit a pin code in order to make some changes to avoid undone. You need to make sure that what it is.Now just confirm that the parental control is on and make sure to set the appropriate age rating.

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Every individual category has different settings; in short, you can permit higher age rating for TV, games, and movies. Just make a tap on which one you put restrictions and select an age ratting as well. Finally just tap on when you have done with the configuration.

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