Share Holders condemn Uber’s Work Culture

An organization is considered to be successful one only when its employees are happy with it. There are situations when there is a rift between the employees and over a period of time they do get together. Having healthy arguments is a good thing; it will help the company to build in a better way. It is a fact that the employees in the company are the most prized possessions and assets for the company.

If there are no employees in a company, it is hard for any company to reach the heights. It is important that the needs of the employees are being met and if they are facing any kind of problems at the workplace, it needs to be fixed. They need to work at their comfort zone and at ease, if they are under pressure there are possibilities of things going the wrong way.

It is true that there are a few employees who work better under pressure, that scenario is completely different, from the ones which lead to mental stress due to the ambiance in which they are working. An employee needs to be glad to work at a particular organization, it is not a good thing if they are dreading and have no other choice but stay and work.

Shareholders are the people who invest in the company’s business and reap the benefits out of it. They would be glad if the company in which they have invested is having a good environment for the employees to work in, only then they will be able to provide good results for the set targets. Unfortunately, two of the major stakeholders of Uber have not been happy, as they found that the work culture which is been followed is of unhealthy kind.

In the recent times, there was an allegation made against the famous ride-hailing organization. The former employee of Uber Susan Fowler stated that the there is sexual harassment and gender bias at the firm. She was certain with the fact that the officials from the Human Resources Department of the company didn’t take any kind of action towards it.

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This has got the investors Mitch Kapor and Freada Kapor bothered who invested in the company in the early stages. They were not expecting this from such a wonderfully renowned organization. There has been a recent public letter sent to Uber stating that the completed has neglected the harassment taking place in the organization by Venture capitalists. They have found the patterns which are followed in the workspace to be lethal and not seem to be safe enough, with the neglecting.

Right from the moment, Fowler shared her experience at Uber as an employee, there has been a survey conducted on the work culture which has been followed by the company. It showed that the work culture which is followed at Uber seemed to be barbarian and audacious as well. The fact here is that it is not Fowler alone who has been subjected to this kind of treatment.

The present and former employees of the company stated that the senior officials like the managers have sexually harassed the employees. Apart from that, it is that they have been threatened the junior officials with assault and they were encouraged them to harm each other, so as to attain the higher position, the dog-eat-dog culture was followed which neglected the biased attitude.

It comes as a complete shock to the outside world, as no one was actually aware of the fact that all these things were happening and it has been hidden all this while. The company has been providing an excellent service to the people across the different cities and states in the world. Mitch and Freada have made it clear that the work culture which is being followed by the company it is not in good terms.

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They stated that right from the beginning they have been trying to bring changes in the ways in which the company has to be organized and handled. It is said that the work environment is afflicted by insolence, limited coterie, an absence of divergence and fortitude towards all the harassments which are taking place amidst all in every possible way.

Kapor’s have been trying their level best in bringing the changes in the ways of organizing and running the company. They said that they have to try to create an impact on the company by doing the needful staying under the covers. Unfortunately, it seems like that, they were not successful in creating a progressive impact.

All this while they were able to be quite and let go, as they thought that things would change eventually. They expected that the work culture at Uber would be put at its best for the sake of its employees. It doesn’t seem to be actually happening, as the harassment, gender bias, and sexism still continues to happen. The couple stated that they are done trying things around and they feel that they have reached the dead end and there is no other way to get out of it.

An irony here is that the company officials have created a team to check the details of the latest accusation which have been made against the company by Fowler. The people who are in the team might speak in terms for Uber rather than against the company. It consists of U. S Attorney General Eric Holder who has worked with the company in the past for other speculations which were made against the company.

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Media Tycoon Arianna Huffington is one of the board members and the HR officer recently recruited by Uber Lianne Horsney, who is directly connected to the company. The members of the team are connected to Uber directly or indirectly if they look into the speculations made against for the work culture which is followed, there is an ambiguity in the result after the investigation.

There are possibilities of receiving a biased output at the end of investigation and interrogation. It is said that the employees have been threatened in the past, so this might lead to disapproving facts as well. The investors have stated that the team which has been set up together cannot be providing the right output; it might be an injustice as well.

In the public letter which they have posted, they have made a few clear statements. They have stated that the mechanisms which have been tried until now has all gone down the drain and now it is the time for the company to step up and take a proper for its employees well being. The investors are certain with the fact that they want Taxigen Uber to reach for the skies and make it even better.

Creating huge revenues alone is really not going to help the company with its growth. The acknowledgment for this particular confrontation which has been made against will be the deciding factor, as the stakes are set up high and it is essential that the company comes up with the right decision. It is said that all the employees (present, former and soon-to-be), drivers, stakeholders and the entrepreneurs will be having a close watch. Now, it is completely up to Uber, it is the time to take the right stand for its employees who are the assets to the company.

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