Siri will now read out for you from WhatsApp

How about having a device read out your messages for you? There is no need for you to pull out your phone and read through the messages. That is something really interesting and handy as well, now users have the option to do so with WhatsApp. This app has helped millions of people across the world to stay connected.

In the recent times, we have seen that there have been many new features being updated to the app. The features which are being added to the app seem to be really interesting. There is a new feature update made available from WhatsApp for iPhone. It is said that there have been a few terrific modifications with the visual of the app.

Apart from that, users will have an option where they can have Siri read out their messages from the app as well. The latest version of an app for iPhone users is available in the App Store which they can get it updated. The app at present has four prominent updates being done in the app for the iOS version.

There have been improvisations made to the app, it is said that there are changes in the visualization of the app on the different tabs of the home screen. Apart from that, there is an option for the user to select multiple statuses all at once on the My Update screen of the app which can be forwarded or deleted.

Another addition to the app is that the support for the Persian language on the app. The knowledge navigator and assistance Siri has been integrated into all the Apple devices. It was a standalone support created initially by Siri Inc on a later note it was acquired by Apple. It is said that the software was to be made available for other operating system devices like Blackberry and Android.

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Unfortunately, it was something Apple refrained to be doing since it acquired Siri. It has been an integral of iOS since it was introduced in 2011. When we are here talking about the new update from SCIMBO – Whatsapp Clone Script reading out the messages, there is already an option for the users where they can use Siri.

WhatsApp has the option for the users to create texts and send it with the help of Siri. Now, the new upgraded update of the app is that the user will be able to have Siri read out the messages to their hands-free. This is pretty a good option for the people to stay connected and receive prompt messages while they are on the go.

This particular feature functions only when the user has unread messages on their WhatsApp. Imagine we are driving but it is essential for us to read through the messages as well. That is when Siri comes as a great help for the users, as they have their eyes on the road and still be updated with the messages from their app.

The user needs to ask Siri to read out the last message from WhatsApp and it will be prompt enough to respond to the request. Once it is done with the reading out of the messages, there will be a prompt from Siri requesting the user to send a reply. The user can dictate the message to Siri, so as to send the reply to the message.

Apart from that aspect, there is another thing which the users should have in their mind is that once Siri completes the task of reading it out. It will not be reading the messages all over again for the second time. As it is said earlier that the message which is unread will be the only messages which will get read out.

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This particular feature is made available only for the users who possess iOS 10.3 and above. The changes with the visual effects on the app are available on the different tabs of the app. Once the user scrolls down the display pictures will augment and has different options with colorful icons.

The interface previously was a tad bit dim and now with the changes in the visuals, we can see that there are colorful now. An option to select statuses and forward or deleted them all at once is also available. There is an update for the verification setup of the account; they have remodeled the two-step verification process on the app as well.

Camera function will be default open up to the last direction the users had it, it can be front or back. For the users to be able to use Siri along with WhatsApp they should first enable the feature. The user needs to go to Settings, then select Siri and enable the option for WhatsApp with that the user will be able to use the software with the app.

Apart from these updates from the app for the iOS version of the app. There are a few updates which WhatsApp is presently working on in its beta version. Let’s say the number change feature, when a user will change their number, they will have an option to intimate it to their contacts.

It is the choice of the user whether their contacts to get intimated or not. There are 3 different options, disable it, enable it for all the contacts or enable it only for selected contacts. If the user is in any of the groups, then be default it would flash with the new number in the group.

A live location sharing feature is another update which we get to see in the beta version of the app. We already do have an option where we get to share the location, but in this new feature of live location, it is different. The users will be able to share their present location with their contacts in a set time interval; it varies from 1 minute to indefinite.

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WhatsApp has been making efforts to bring in the next level of messaging app. It has been around 7 years that the messaging app has been launched for the people to use. And it is now around 4 years that the app has been acquired by the world-renowned social networking site Facebook.

Apart from the updates in the features, there was a recent update from the app as well on the Privacy Policy. It is said that the WhatsApp information of the user will be shared with the social media behemoth Facebook. It is clear that there are trying to provide better services to the people and take it to the next level.

Though this particular has not been yet approved by the European Union and they are still in the talks. But, it is said that this summer WhatsApp will be giving access to Facebook for the user information. Though it is not yet clear what information will be shared, it might be the phone number and last time of the app being used.

This new feature for iPhone users where they can use the app to have Siri read out the messages is indeed amazing. We can expect that there will be more features introduced to this version of the app as well. So Folks, if you have iOS and WhatsApp, it is the right time you update it and ask Siri to read your messages and reply back as well.

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