How to Stay Alive When You Are Lost in a Jungle

When you are planning a camping trip in the jungle to be one with nature, you need to make a number of preparations for the experience to be enjoyable, like a proper tent, adequate food, proper clothing, as well as, essential medicines and insect repellant, etc. You should also equip yourself with some basic survival skills so that you can manage in case you get lost. Some essential; survival skills:

Don’t Panic

Even though it can be alarming to realize that you have been cut off from your group and that you have no clue how to return to your camp, it will not help matters if you panic. Panicking only makes matter worse, and you tend to make irrational decisions that can only put you in a tighter spot. The first thing to do after you realize that you are lost is to examine your situation and figure out your priorities for survival. Staying calm is essential for you to decide what needs to be done so that you remain safe and sound.

Get Your Bearings

Now that you have realized that you are lost and can’t find your way back to your Tadoba accommodation, you need to evaluate your surroundings and get your bearings so that you can try and reach a place that is familiar to you. Mark the spot you are in currently so that it acts as a reference and you will know immediately if you are going around in circles. The best way is to use the sun as a reference or any uniquely formed landmarks that cannot be confused with anything else. Try to locate a spot where you can remain safe and dry while you figure out a course of action. Finding a clear spot for making a smoke signal for sending out a distress call is important.

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Arrange Potable Water

More than food, you require keeping yourself hydrated so that you can continue to function with clarity. Look around for a source of drinking water, a stream, a waterhole or even puddles around rocks. Consider collecting rainwater or dew if nothing else is available. Try to find the cleanest water you can and boil it if possible before drinking, else sieve it with the finest cloth you have.

Make or Find Shelter

Nights in the jungle can almost always be surprisingly cold especially if it is raining; things can become bad very quickly due to hypothermia. Find a spot that can keep you dry and protected from the wind and the rain; a cave is ideal, or you can make a makeshift shelter against a rock.


Now that you can wait to be rescued, you should look around for sustenance. You can try to catch fish, hunt for small animals, bird eggs or even search for fruits that you know are safe. You may even have to eat insects, so it pays not to be too squeamish Try to make a fire; you can not only keep warm but cook your food, and maybe boil the water.

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