3 Steps to Win Every Clash Royale Battle in 2017

One of the most popular mobile games ever released was the Supercell’s Clash Royale which still to this day is one of the trendy games of all time. Pokémon GO was dope, but it soon died out.

In this guide, I’m going to tell you a nifty trick to win every battle in Clash Royale. I play this game a lot, and I found some cool ways to defeat your opponent.

I can’t guarantee if this is going to help you win every game, as it’s not a hack or a private server. It’s just some tips to help you master the game. 😀

The 3-Steps to Win

I have been playing this game for over a year now, and I wanna tell you the secret to win battles.

You can try out the private servers by Clash of Guide which is really fun for people who are in early levels and can know a lot about how the different cards work.

#1 Store Elixir

It’s crucial you store enough elixir to drop your main cards to push and put your opponent to shame. 😛

If you are not storing elixir and just tapping on the cards to deploy whatever it takes to defend, you’re likely to lose the game without a doubt.

So, the number one step is to just store enough elixir to sudden push and destroy your opponent’s defenses which wouldn’t be too hard at all if you carry on the strategy nicely.

#2 Waste Time

One of the favorite tricks to confuse your enemy is to waste time, and not attack first. See, what he has to deploy to finish you off. Take your time to think well before deploying.

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If he deployed the Prince which is damn powerful and you deployed a Musketeer at the beginning without knowing. Analyze and observer your opponent’s moves and then attack.

That’s why I love wasting time for the first minute. Just attack slow and steady, and try to confuse your opponent. Don’t give him the idea what cards you have when the time arrives.

When there is just a minute left in the battle, your elixir regenerates double. Then you have already enough elixir to pump your cards into the enemy base, and within 30-seconds he should get pretty weak. 😉

#3 Push Your Army

Now, I have said 2 of the steps already. First one is to store elixir and the second one is to watch your enemy, and what he is using so you could trap him.

The third step is when your enemy has fallen into your bait. Once you have enough elixir, just bombard your enemy with your most powerful cards. In my experience, I have seen using the Giants to push back up by some PEKKA, and a Prince works extremely well.

You could also use the Witch to take down the Princess Towers pretty easily and then your enemy has just too little to defend his ass.

I strongly ask you to make use of the Giants to push as they are the most durable cards in the entire game. Back him up with several other high damages per second cards.

“Damn, son, you are gonna win!” 

Why does this work?

This is the entire strategy of what I call “baiting your opponent.” You might wonder if this really works and how have I found it.

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To be true, I have found this after losing a lot of battles from some who used this strategy on me. First of all, they launched simple cards which seemed “Thank God, this guy is a noob.”

But in reality, it was just a super fishy bait which made me attack with my best cards trying to show how powerful I was when compared with him.

So, you can use this 3-step strategy as well. Let me know in the comments how this worked for you. Don’t forget to share this with your clan mates and friends and on social Medias. 😉

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