7 Fab Styles for Babydoll Dresses

Indeed, what’s old is new again and babydoll dresses are a prime example.

The short dresses that were extremely popular in the seventies and nineties are stylish staples yet again. But they are no longer mere casual dresses. With more creative and polished styling, you can get better fashion mileage out of the one that you own.

Need some ideas?

Here are seven fabulous styles you can try with your babydoll dress.

1. ‘90s Grunge

Since the fashion of the nineties is on trend again, you can just go with the flow and wear your babydoll dress as GenX-ers did. Pair your cute babydoll dress with lace-up Doc Martens and perhaps tie a long-sleeved plaid or chambray shirt around your waist.

This is the ultimate ‘90s Grunge look made popular by the era’s icons such as Alicia Silverstone, Bridget Fonda, Liv Tyler, and Courtney Love.

2. Lolita-Inspired

The “kawaii” style inspired by Victorian and Edwardian children’s clothing is perfect for any baby doll dress you own.

Just throw on your dress, knee-high socks, colored tights, or ankle-length ruffle socks, and a pair of platform Mary Janes or cap-toe button boots.

If you want to look cute and stand out, Lolita-inspired fashion is definitely the way to go — unless you’re in Harajuku (the birthplace of Lolita) where you will likely blend in quite nicely.

3. Dainty and Girly

If you want an easy-breezy style for your babydoll dress, just wear it as it is.

But, complete the look with a pair of simple ballet flats, strappy high heels, or go super summer casual with flip-flops.

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A babydoll dress is already pretty enough on its own, making it the ideal choice for days when you do not want to overthink your outfit.

Reach for this dainty piece, perhaps throw on a cropped or long cardigan if the weather’s a little nippy, wear your favorite pair of cute and comfy footwear, and you are good to go for a meetup with friends or to run errands.

4. Feminine Motorbiker

To give the dress an edgy feel, layer a jacket on top of it, don fishnet stockings and a chunky pair of motorcycle boots. This is such a fantastic look if you want a ‘tough’ sugar and spice vibe.

You can use either an oversized or cropped jacket for this style. It does not matter if it’s an actual motor jacket or a heavy denim one. Just make sure you have this additional cover-up for the structure and texture the look requires.

5. Festival-Ready

A floral or denim babydoll dress is always a top pick for outdoor festivals such as Woodstock, Coachella, and Lollapalooza.

Festival veterans love the different directions they can go with the dress but quite many of them simply love pairing the dress with a cowboy or ankle boots and accessorizing with colorful bandannas for the hair, layers of love beads and chunky ethnic jewelry, and funky protective eyewear.

6. Modest and Comfy

The short dress can work as a top instead of just a regular dress, especially for pregnant women.

One advantage with the traditional silhouette for babydoll dresses is it’s breezy. There’s a lot of room around the midsection.

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Therefore, you can wear it in a more modest way by wearing bottoms or covering your legs with stretchy leggings, skinny jeans, and even cropped pencil trousers.

7. Preppy City-Slicker

This is the poshest look that you can achieve with your babydoll dress. Wear a classic knee-length trench coat over it and voila! You are a polished, sophisticated city dweller.

The trench coat is a gorgeous cover-up if you find the dress a little too casual. Also, it can add a more figure-flattering structure and depth to the entire ensemble.

Cap off the look with a pair of high heels, pointy toe flats or boots, and carefully selected accessories such as jewelry and a slick bag.


There are so many ways to restyle your babydoll dress. A few simple twists can re-energize its naturally cute and dainty look and offer you more delightful fashion and functional mileage.

Photo by CastawayVintage

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