Supply Chain Analytics to Help OEMs Act on Events as they Occur

The ideal supply-chain environment is based on technological capabilities to drive automation and communicate in real time. IT can jump to the real-time dimension for a fact so that the management-executive-customer network reaches full potential…

It is mandatory for all business units in a supply chain to close targets, contain the expenses, and drive organizational growth through brand value. This is true of all links in the chain, whether or not it communicates with the end customer. They are interested in consistent service and honor of warranty, while the numerous contracts and expectations have to be honored between organizations, and at another level, departments.

OEMs are in a position to influence the acceptance of IT in their partner companies. The current technology landscape includes shared platforms, which operate on cloud-based storage systems, on-premise data. This helps collaboration with suppliers, real-time communication across the chain, dealer relationships, and understanding of what the market needs.

Giving customer service a facelift

Supply-chain analytics makes sense if you have a mechanism to capture customer data in huge volumes. That set of data, when related to the huge volume generated within the organization, makes holistic sense, which can guide C and D-level decision makers fully. Customer-service executives can close the loop unless the service app does.

That is what incentivizes the adoption of a mobile environment. It connects the gaps that manual service cannot plug at any level. The volume of customers is too high for the service and data arriving at the management console has to make perfect sense Delay in delivering insights is not affordable. Prescriptive analytics and other advanced algorithms now rule the roost, but they also need to be shared with all your stakeholders. The management will be ready with a mobile interface to delight customers without any loophole in their analysis; be it lack of resources somewhere or just complaints.

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The ideal worker-to-worker coordination

A real-time environment removes vagueness that could spoil the coordination between two employees, teams, or processes. Focusing on core roles and communicating efficiently are the principles of a lean workplace. A technology solution to reduce process hurdles is thus necessary so that personnel does not have to stall a process, lose coordination, or end up in needless friction.

The ideal environment is based on technological capabilities to drive automation and communicate in real time everywhere in the chain. If an IT implementation is built on SAP, the SAP S/4hana integration upgrade can take a jump to the real-time dimension for a fact, so that the management-executive-customer network reaches full potential.

The transformation must focus on all assets to be linked to the central data repository without the need for any manual intervention. The IT environment is capable of embracing all enterprise assets, be it an appliance, product life cycle, or the customer-service app.

Single version of truth

Data generated from a vast number of disparate systems will have certain inaccuracies relative to each other. However, with a central repository, data gets well defined for an organization to do the minimum, i.e., be on the same page.

Data feeds are voluminous, requiring organizations to upgrade to a real-time system that not only stores but processes and shares it with all stakeholders, internal and external. It will help move on from a ‘waiting time’ to swift responses as the entire value chain is on the same platform offering data-intensive guidance at every stage, no matter how complex the situation.

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What are companies doing?

This is possibly one of the biggest benefits for the management in every field. A large number of companies, almost 85%, have considered going fully digital with the latest technologies from companies like SAP ad Oracle. The transformation is efficiently built with adapters available from ITES companies serving the industry.

If you are looking around for a vendor, it is advisable to rely on supply chain experience. In many parts of the world, including US, India, Germany, and Canada, ITES services come with the experience of serving large manufacturing chains as a part of their early history. Expertise in SAP, Oracle and cloud technology is emerging as machine intelligence can be integrated efficiently.

Customer experience is the key index. A BI tool is ideally designed to produce information for the management in a way that speeds up their contribution. Prescriptive technology is data intensive, and thus, leaves decision makers with the responsibility of staying alerted to possibilities not accounted for the system. That’s where additional intelligence can be fed into the technology to justify a D or C-level pay check. However, with big data, the risk associated with every decision has reduced significantly, giving companies a safer environment to innovate, trim the work load, and be merit focused.


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