How to Tether PC’s Internet to Your Android Device?

If you don’t have a WiFi router, the best way to use the internet on your Android device is through reverse tethering.

You could easily tether your Android device to a PC. But, reverse tethering is quite a different approach. There are a couple of apps and software which makes the task much easier.

There’s one thing to note; you don’t need to root your device for this guide. So, you can follow this guide and reverse tether your PC’s connection to your Android device.

Requirements: Things You Need

These are the things you need to follow this guide:

  • A PC with a WiFi adapter.
  • An active internet connection.
  • Your Android device.
  • Connectify ( free software for Windows)

Basically, this is all to guide yourself through this tutorial. It’s really simple, so just follow the steps.

Tethering Your PC’s Internet

There are quite a few different ways to do this. If you’re using a laptop, it’s really simple. However, this guide gives a stable internet connection and an improved latency.

Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial for doing this on your laptop via WiFi.

  1. Download Connectify.

You can download Connectify for free from their official website. This is a free software which allows your PC to turn into a hotspot which then allows other devices to connect to your PC’s active internet connection.

  1. Install Connectify.

Install Connectify properly, and this takes no longer than 5 minutes. Once you are done, follow the rest of the steps.

  1. Setup Connectify

This is the biggest step so far. It’s time to configure Connectify, so your PC turns into a hotspot which will allow your Android device to connect to the Android.

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This is what you called “reverse tethering” and Connectify makes things so much easier.

Put the SSID name which is basically the network’s name. In encryption type, select ‘open’ if you want no password which I definitely wouldn’t recommend. So, choose either WAP or WEP and set a strong password of a minimum of 8 characters.

Once that’s done, you can start your WiFi hotspot and find the WiFi network you just created on your phone’s WiFi list.

  1. Connect to The Network

Now, it’s time to connect to your network you just created. So, check for the network by the ‘SSID name’ and then use the password you created for Connectify.

You will now be connected to the internet and will be able to use any service which requires an active internet connection.


You might find your connection a bit slower on the phone as your internal WiFi adapter is going to send the WiFi signals. However, you can still enjoy a stable and fast Internet connection without having a proper router.

This is a great solution to use your PC as a home router and tether your PC’s internet to your Android device without hassle. In fact, this works for any other devices. Any devices which have WiFi support can connect to your Connectify network.

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