The Metamorphosis: 5 Ways To Make Vintage Style More Modern

There are several reasons to love classic clothing. From the excellent quality of the garment’s construction to the originality of its design. Also, there is a historical importance that simply makes vintage items outstanding. On the other hand, including these rare pieces into your everyday wardrobe can be tricky.

Similar to history, the fashion trend has its habit of repeating itself. Whether you are a fashion-forward girl who likes to have her vintage style personally from stores or merely into items influenced by other decades, the thing is, there is always an outfit that you will surely appreciate.

Of course, everyone does not feel the exact way, and a constant concern from people who have yet to dive into the world of vintage fashion is that, if they do, they believe that it will make them look like they are putting on a costume. Here are foolproof tips for wearing vintage while preventing precisely that.

Select Garments that Appear Like Modern Trends

Plenty of fashion stores and modern designers have huge archives of classic clothes that they are continually adding to and fro and from which they draw brilliant, creative, or timely idea.

Nearly all modern fashion is a reinterpretation of a new and different approach from history, that will surely amaze and surprise you to how close several new designer clothing comes to copying older style and garments. Finding and putting on one such garment is a simple method of preventing a costumey appearance.

Modern Hairstyles and Makeup

Chances are, except that you are allotting many hours to revive and rekindle the exact vintage hairstyles and makeup treatment, your hair, and makeup are then going to appear relatively modern.

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Simplicity in makeup and hairstyle is a tested and genuine method of grounding an old outfit, like wearing a 1950’s dress with a sexy slicked back bun or pairing an Edwardian blouse with an elegantly smoky eye. Even modern variants of classic hairstyles will update an appearance while still giving the nod to the relevant generation.

Go with Modern Accessories

Matching any classic clothing with modern women’s shoes, shades, and bags is an excellent way to dress up a playful garment dramatically. It is not difficult to keep the entire appearance modernized by choosing a color that exists in the garment and embellishing with modern accessories in the same hue.

Of course, splashes of vibrant color matched with all black embellishments (or the other way around) is also a smart way to modernize a classic vintage apparel.

Combining Vintage and Modern Trends

A woman putting on a white Edwardian dress with a zip-up sweatshirt and ripped jeans is one of the best examples of wearing a classic dress and a fashionable set of separates which makes you look both very modern and unique.

Mixing and matching vintage and new separates are possibly the simplest methods of starting to deal with vintage into your wardrobe, and an easy approach to taking an exceptional, fancier classic piece and making it more comfortable to wear every day.

Combining Generations

Despite putting on vintage over the entire body, including the accessories, it is feasible to accessorize in ways that make your set of clothes appear more suitable and appropriate. Combining different eras can, remarkably, have the similar effect as integrating vintage and modern pieces.

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Surprising combinations of silhouettes and textiles, unexpected pops of vibrant color and layers of contrasting designs consistently serve to make an outfit look both uniquely modern and entirely timeless. In fact, blending eras may just be the most entertaining and exciting technique to put on vintage.


The above list is just some of the methods to put on vintage without looking like you are wearing a costume. The possibilities are endless, and just like wearing any vintage clothing, you can guarantee that your clothing is entirely unlike any other.

Also, it is a way to help the environment by saving resources, and it is better to support small establishments by shopping at any vintage shops or visit several websites to find more. By doing this, you will be able to enhance your resources through expressing your creativity and unique outlook.

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