10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Maldives

Maldives and dream vacation are the words that can co-exist. From scenic views of Blue Ocean and white beaches, which are no less than those fascinating screen savers to the architecture and resorts, everything competes for the tourist’s amazement. Every tourism site in Maldives holds its own significant beauty and wonder. Once landed in Maldives your brain will ask you to believe that all the scenic photographs and exotic sites in movies exist here. Whether it’s the bright sun, the exotic sun rises, and the sun sets, blue lagoons, bare feet on white beaches, turquoise waters, clear blue skies everything holds the beauty worth to be paying for.

During your visit to Maldives, you might secretly wish to quit your job and would want to live in this exotic location for more than you planned. There is no chance that the scenic beauty of Maldives does not live up to your expectations.  However, while planning your trip to Maldives, it is important to keep in touch with any tourist agency. You can also avail different coupons like the book it coupons for availing the quality yet budget friendly services in Maldives during your stay.

Here is the list of 10 things you should know before traveling to Maldives for your destination wedding, or honeymoon, or friends and family trip or you’re simply for your vacations.

1. Set a higher percentage of your budget just for location

From checking into a hotel/ resort to availing the services, sometimes your budget might seem like going out of hands. So, it would be safe to keep some extra money on the back end too. The reason is that extras are expensive since the food and drinks are imported and from capital island to smaller island. Apart from charges resorts also imply some taxes which can elevate the residential costs more. We recommend you avail different coupon offers in order to get the right place, in the right amount.
Find book it coupon for accommodation in Maldives; you’ll save yourself from a lot of trouble.

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2. Assure Wi-Fi availability and its cost

Maldives is the land where you might forget that there exists a real word since you’ll be disconnected and enjoying yourself hopefully to its fullest, make sure whenever you need whether for work of for personal use. You have the internet available. Ask for Wi-fi charges and the speed available. There might be chances that you need to compromise on the speed because of the other users. Book it coupons for free Wi-Fi usage will save you from not paying wi-fi charges.

3. Ask for details if availing inclusive formula

In some deals, you’ll be availing while looking for accommodation, the inclusive formula will be mentioned. Make sure you ask the details of this formula along with the queries of your interest.

4. Keep a regular check on your bill during your stay

In order to avoid surprises at check-out, it is advised to keep a check on yo hotel and accommodation. Sometimes they might charge you for the offer which you were not willing to attend at the first place. Discount coupons can keep the budget in control.

5. Boat traveling might sometimes take up more time than expected

Maldives comprises of 2000 islands, some are natural, and some are manmade, that’s why the common mode of transport between resorts and islands are the boats. The boat driver and your tourist guide will tell you about the expected time but the time may vary because-because of the climatic changes and weather conditions might get into the plan and disrupt your traveling time.

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6. Be assure of the weather

In order to avoid any dismay by the time you reach Maldives, it is important that you not just rely on online weather updates. Especially the dry season can be the most disrupting time for your plans because of the unpredictable rainfalls, cloudy weather with winds. If you are planning your next visit to Maldives, try to not plan it in monsoon season since it is the most complicated time for this region.

7. Alcohol, Bikinis, Pork and public display of affection can get you in trouble

The population of Maldives is 100% Muslims which means that there will be some strict rules applied in light of Islam. Alcohol is a big no; you hardly find any bars having alcoholic beverages. Women are prohibited to wear revealing clothes and bathing suits in public. You will not be served pork since it is also illegal in Maldives. There is some lenience for clothing at airports, but otherwise strict laws are followed when it comes to dressing code. The spirit of tourism is to respect different ethnicities. Thus it is advised that you dress up respectfully when you are in foreign land.

8. You’ll drink new water

Water that you’ll be drinking in Maldives will have been the processed one through osmosis desalination. It makes water drinkable but lacks the natural mineral, thus making it less beneficial

9. Flights to resort can affect your traveling budget

Your flight from Capital Island’s Airport (Male) to your resort will take few minutes, but the costs for even short flights might surprise you. The cost ranges from $750-$1500 USD per person. Based on your home town currency, the flight charges may vary but the scenic views worth paying for.  However, try to avail traveling coupons for your flights too.

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10. Choose the odd way to see marine life

Maldives because the tourist attraction has marine life setup too, which you can view from above and below the water. They have whale sharks, dolphins, and Manta rays. Rasdhoo Atoll is the only place in the world which has hammer head shark dives. In addition to these, you’ll also see sea turtles, ray fishes, reef sharks and other colorful fishes.

Maldives is one of the gifted places for this planet and has a good ranking with tourism point of view. However, a little research before planning your next trip is important. We would advise you to avail book it coupons for different offers. Not only with the help of these coupons, but you will have quality assured during your trip it will also keep everything within your budget.

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