Tips for Camping with Baby

Camping, festivals, wild tents, independent travel is not possible and is not child-friendly? Camping with children is impossible? Who says that, has already forgotten how exciting he found it as a child to spend the night in a tent. On my travels (without a child) I was mainly hitchhiking and traveling with the tent. How I experience camping with children and what helpful tips I have, I would like to bring you closer to this article. There are a few things you should know and consider.

The equipment for camping with children

When you go for a camping you have to be prepared for all weather conditions. Rain gear, rubber boots, and fleece pullovers are a must, as are sun hats, sunglasses, foldable fan and protective cream. A flashlight is great for (pre) reading before falling asleep, for nocturnal clogs and light games in the tent. A minimum of nightly comfort is provided by inflatable insulated mats and outdoor pillows. Important for camping with children: a sensible cooker (even on a one-flame can conjure up delicious stews and soups and of course warm up milk and glass), a fresh water tank, an electric cool box, dishes and irrigation equipment. Possibly pack a bath tub for babies and a potty for a little older child, because shared showers and toilets are not always clean. If space permits (in the car and tent), a collapsible high chair and a baby travel bed will work well.

The camping accommodation:

The tent you choose it should be big enough for all residents and also provide space for all luggage. Otherwise, chaos breaks out quickly, since toddlers are difficult to convince of the meaning of basic principles of order. Pleasant are family tents with several cabins, in which one can stand and in bad weather also provide space for cooking, eating and playing. Even more comfortable (and less clairaudient) is, of course, a caravan. Those who do not constantly go camping and are reluctant to invest can rent fully equipped tents, mobile homes or even small log cabins in many places.

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Choose a child-friendly campsite:

A child-friendly campsite is the best option if you are going on vacation with a baby. There are even campsites with special offers for babies and toddlers. A children’s campsite is also ideal if you have slightly older children: many activities are often organized there so that the children are employed throughout the day. These campsites are then safely equipped so that the children can play outside. In such a child-friendly campsite, you can often benefit from the facilities that make camping a little easier. Remember the following factors:

  • Places with a lot of shade.
  • Sanitary facilities for children (family showers, wraps, baby baths etc.)
  • Microwave to warm the vial and small meals.
  • Washing machines.

Think about the food:

During your vacation, your child will have to get used to some things. Let your child slowly get used to the baby food from there. Take food from home and change. As a result, the change is not great. Does your child already eat solid food? Pay attention to the hygiene especially abroad and check if drinking water is drinkable. Take with you a good thermos flask: This will allow you to cook the bottle in the evening and feed it directly in the morning.

Test your camping equipment again:

Do you have everything? Then test everything in your garden! In this way, you immediately knew if you need something or are broken. You will also be able to set up the camping equipment faster, which will allow you to enjoy your vacation earlier.

Make the journey as great as possible:

Often, children do not find a long journey so bad; they sleep half the journey anyway. Nevertheless, there are some things that can simplify the journey. For example, you may choose to travel at night, so the chance of your child sleeping peacefully is greater. Do not drive too long in one go, decide for a maximum of 2 hours (unless your child sleeps!). Think of the following things:

  • A child seat.
  • If you travel with a stroller than never forget to carry a stroller fan. It is one of the important items that will help to keep your baby cool in their stroller during the hot weather.
  • Sufficient sun protection.
  • Baby things: diapers, food, wet wipes, pacifiers, stuffed animals, extra clothes, blankets etc.
  • Music or Movies for Relaxation; Choose things your kids know.
  • Coolers/ bags and thermos for food and milk.
  • A blanket on which your child can crawl during stopovers.
  • Take care with air conditioners and moisture.
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How about you? Is camping with children a risk, a challenge or do you even have useful tips to share? Tell me in a comment box how camping with children works best for you.

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