10 Tips To Care for Hair in Summer

Summer is a time when we usually neglected the mane … with the consequences that this leads to the return of the holidays! With this post, I want to give you 10 tips to care for your hair in summer. These are just 10 easy ideas that you may not have thought about, or maybe you did think about, but you do not put it into practice for laziness. However, they will not take you long and will help you reach September with healthy hair, maintaining its hydration, its proper color, avoiding breakages and problems associated with excess chlorine, salt, hair gums, etc.

10 Tips for Hair Care in Summer

  1. Do not expose dirty hair to the sun. We know that it is more practical to go to the beach without washing it and think “I will wash it around” but the excess fat accumulated naturally in the hair, added to the styling products that we have previously put in the mane can be harmful to Time to sunbathe.
  2. Cover the mane well, but with caution. Wearing a hat or scarf when sunbathing is fine because it helps protect the mane, but as we said in point 1, if the mane is not clean, excess heat and sweat can be harmful. Therefore, if we have the head covered, better if the mane is clean and let it aerate for a few minutes every 2-3 hours.
  3. Use sun protection products. Apply them as soon as we leave the house to protect the mane of the excess sun, salt, chlorine .. will help us to keep our hair moisturized and that the color will not spoil (especially if we have wicks or dyed hair). There are all kinds of texture: gel, spray, cream … I recommend the range of Nuxe.
  4. After each bath in the sea or the pool, it is convenient to give us a quick shower to pass the hair through the fresh water to remove the first layer of salt and chlorine. If we do, we must reapply the sunscreen in the same way as we replicate the sun cream on the skin.
  5. Use gentle and specific washing products for our hair. Many brands have ranges of shampoos, conditioners, and specific hair products to protect hair from the sun. The shampoos help to properly remove the chlorine and salt residues from the hair, and the conditioner will return the hydration to the mane. This is the case, for example, in the Sun care range of Montebello.
  6. Apply weekly a nourishing mask or shock treatment to hydrate the hair conveniently. Pantene Rescue Blisters are ideal for nourishing and repairing sun-damaged hair in one application.
  7. To avoid breakage in the hair, it is advisable to untangle the hair with wet hair and when we wear the conditioner or mask. We can use a wide combed comb, and we will make sure to leave the shower with hair well untangled without breaking it.
  8. Beware of hair gums! Precisely the breakage of hair is one of the problems that cause many hairbrushes, pins, tweezers or other accessories so we must go carefully when using them. If you want to pick up your hair, I recommend the Indivisible hair gum, which does not break the hair and hold the hair well.
  9. No to metal accessories! If you go to the beach with your hair collected, it is better to use accessories that are not metallic. The metal part of the clamps, clips, forks and other metal accessories can get very hot under the sun and burn the hair.
  10. Avoid the dryer, the irons, and the tongs. The excess heat in the hair does not get along well with the summer … so as far as possible, let your mane dry in the air!
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I hope that you help with these tips to care for hair in summer and in the month of September do not have to regret not having taken care of the mane properly. If you stay with the site, the features will help you to pick the Best travel hair dryer.

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