Great Tips for Cavity Prevention

Nobody wants to get a cavity. It’s risky and can lead to tooth decay in a gradual manner. However, some people don’t take oral care as seriously as they should, therefore, remain at a greater risk of dental troubles. Our food habits are also a lot to do with cavity problem we had to face. Clearly, you can be diligent with your teeth care routine and eat smartly to keep away cavity problems. Just following the basic standards of oral care can help you fight off most of the dental issues including a cavity, with aplomb.

Here are some of the wonderful tips for cavity prevention –

1. Brush regularly

There is no alternative to brushing regularly and doing it with the right technique. You should brush twice a day, do it gently yet thoroughly and only with a toothpaste with fluoride. If you could, brush after every mean and don’t allow food particles or debris to get left behind and encourage bacterial growth. If brushing is not possible someday for some reason, always make it a point to rinse the mouth with water to take out whatever is left there.

2. Floss and clean your tongue

Flossing and tongue cleaning should be a part of your regular oral care. Brushing alone is not sufficient in keeping away harmful bacteria from the mouth. You can use fluoride mouthwash after brushing to get a superior protection against tooth decay. Never neglect any of your basic oral care routines as the risk of the cavity can become greater.

3. Get dental sealants

Food items have the habit of entering any groove or cavity or hole they find in your teeth and remain stuck there to cause tooth decay in a gradual manner. Dental sealants can help seal of all those openings where food might seep in and lead to dental problems. With no foods trapped anymore, you can be sure of a bacteria-free oral cavity which is important for superior dental health.

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4. Drink plenty of water regularly

Drinking plenty of water on a regular basis is great for not only your dental health but also for overall health. If you add tab water, you then get a rich amount of fluoride and help re-mineralize the teeth. This is how you can stop teeth decay and stay healthy. More so, water can wash away harmful bacteria and food stuck between the teeth or in the teeth and help also promote saliva production.

5. Eat foods that are good for your teeth

You can’t go on eating snacks, candies, ice creams and sugary items if dental health is a concern for you. Rather, your diet should include dairy products, cheese, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Although coffee and tea are bad for your teeth, you can consume the unsweetened variety to minimize the risks. Some of the other food items to eat regularly include apples, almonds, celery etc.

6. Visit your dentist regularly

No dental problem, including the cavity, can become bigger if you have the habit of visiting best dentist Greenpoint on a regular basis. Such visits can help stop signs of troubles at an early stage and a right treatment can be started thereon.

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