12 Useful Tips on How to Make Yourself Sneeze

In some cases, you desire to sneeze, but it seems that the sneeze remains in the nose, which makes you unable to hide your deep displeasure, especially when you are having a talk, participating in a meeting, having a meal or greeting your lover. In reality, the sneeze is a natural reaction, so you just create a stimulus that can activate this reaction. However, the stimulus to sneeze is different from person to person because everybody owns different sensitivities. As a result, you should do a little experiment through following tips on how to make yourself sneeze to select the best one.

12 Useful Tips on How to Make Yourself Sneeze

1. Masticate chewing gum with a strong mint flavor

Mint chewing gum is also a useful tool for stimulating the sneeze reflex. For some people, a strong mint smell that abruptly hits the nose can cause sneezing. Meanwhile, some others can easily sneeze when they taste the mint-flavored toothpaste. In addition, it is suggested that you should bring mint chewing gum with you for use whenever you feel uncomfortable with the sneeze. In addition to the methods above, you can also inhale peppermint essential oil to activate sneeze. In theory, the sudden arrival of the cool taste will stimulate the nose and make you sneeze. Refreshing your breath with the mint taste is seen as the best way to make yourself sneeze.

2. Eat spicy food

It is a quite popular way to stimulate sneeze. Accordingly, you need to choose the food that contains lots of pepper, dill, parsley or ground chili. If you are addicted to any of these spices, it is possible that you will sneeze before enjoying these spicy dishes. Moreover, the dishes will also become much more delicious if they are supplemented with these spices.

3. Drink or smell carbonated beverages

You also will see the expected result when enjoying types of soft drink, also known as carbonated beverages or fizzy drinks like lemonade, Coca-Cola, ginger juice. In another way, you simply hand the cup of bubbly drink to your nose and try smelling it. It is noted that this method will be ineffective in case the beverage has long been in the air. The taste and the smell of the drink will tickle your nose spit and sometimes make you sneeze.

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4. Inhale the spicy flavor

If you are trying to sneeze but fail to do that, it is recommended that you inhale several strong spices such as pepper or chili powder. However, you should be careful with this way and make sure that the spices do not fly into your eyes.

5. Pick your nose

Picking the nose is aimed at deceiving the defense mechanism of the nose by intentionally sending the wrong signal to the brain. To do this, you can gently stimulate the nose because of the sensitivity of the nose’s inside part to irritation. Particularly, you can use a paper handkerchief to give the nose stimulation so that you can sneeze. Some suggestions on the tools for stimulating the nose are a rolled tissue and a feather included in cushion filling.

However, you are not allowed to stuff deep the nostril with something including paper handkerchief. Instead, you just put this thing into the tip of the nasal cavity. In addition, hairpins or instrument with pointed tips should not be used to stimulate the nose. The reason is that there is a high possibility that these tools will cause harms to your nose.

6. Lean your head back

If you feel the urge to sneeze, but it occurs too slowly, you can lean your head back. This simple move can also cause you to sneeze. If you still cannot sneeze, slowly take a breath and exhale through your nostrils while keeping your head back. The air circulation can trigger the nasal cavity to cause sneezing, especially when the head leans back.

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7. Imitate the act of sneezing

Sometimes, the imitation of sneezing also makes you sneeze. The stimulation for sneeze is made by touching the nasal muscles until you can sneeze. This method sounds not feasible, but you still should try it. You can imagine that you are an elephant and about to sneeze through your long proboscis. This way of thinking will affect the nose muscles.

8. Hum a song

Your goal is to shake the nasal membranes to trigger a sneeze. You can try humming a song while your mouth is not open and try to shake a part of your nose. If this does not work effectively, you can tighten your lips and push the air through the mouth cavity into the lips; then, allow the air to come out to vibrate the lips slowly. After that, you take a deep breath to shake your lips. It is certain that you cannot stop a sneeze.

9. Shake your nose

You tightly squeeze and gently shake your nose. This act can bring the tickle inside the nose and make you sneeze. You can even tickle your nose by turning the lowest part of the nose in circles along with the face muscles.

10. Remove eyebrows

Quite a few people have a sneeze when they pluck their eyebrows. The explanation for this phenomenon is that facial nerves are associated with nasal nerves. Accordingly, when you stimulate the facial nerves by plucking your eyebrows, you can easily produce a sneeze.

11. Suddenly look at a bright light

Perhaps the most effective way to sneeze is to look at a bright light. The reason is that there is a relation between the light and the sneeze reflex. The fact shows that quite a few people sneeze when they move from a dark place to a bright area.

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In particular, the trigeminal nerve, whose function is to control sneezing, accidentally runs along the optic nerve. For some people, when the optic nerve is excessively stimulated, the signal will spread to the trigeminal nerve. As a result, the body will receive the wrong signal and react by sneezing.

To follow this method, you enter a bright room or close your eyes and step out the area with the sun. If you often have a response to the light by sneezing, it is likely that you will sneeze repeatedly.

However, you do not directly look at the sun because it is extremely harmful to your eyes.

12. Breathe cold air

To make yourself sneeze, you can suddenly breathe cold air. If it is not cold enough outdoors, you can open a refrigerator to breathe the cold air in it. Besides, you can create the temperature difference by pouring hot water over the body, then quickly go out and breathe the cool air from outside.


In conclusion, it is not difficult to adopt these methods. Just with some simple instrument, you can trigger a sneeze. It is expected that with the tips mentioned above, you can learn how to make yourself sneeze. As a result, you can dispel the discomfort caused by the matter that you cannot have a sneeze although you feel it.



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