Top 10 Management Tools for Businesses in 2019

No matter you’re running a startup or an enterprise, it’s not easy to handle a number of things at once. This is the reason why you need professional business management tools to help you run your business smoothly.

Management tools are supposed to automate tasks and save people time. They can make super-complex jobs easy and less stressful for all professionals.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that you choose business management software that makes your work more efficient, not create an extra burden.

In this post, we will take a look at the 10 best management tools that will help the way your team works, collaborates, interact with clients and more.

1. ProofHub

Proofhub is an all-in-one project management software that makes your life easy. It combines all the features you need to take care of your business – putting your team, clients and all project communication at one place. With Proofhub you can store, share files as well as share feedback at one place. All-in-all it helps to streamline all your business operations.

Key Features

  • Workflows and boards to simplify the way you manage your tasks
  • Custom roles to get ultimate control on projects
  • Time tracking to keep track of time spent on different tasks.
  • Dynamic reports to get a clear insight into how projects are running

2. Slack

Slack is the best software for team communication. It helps businesses to save the horror of miscommunication, by keeping the communication methods simple and more efficient.

With slack information is always on your team’s figure tips.

It is the best communication program that makes information easily accessible to all, on top, making collaboration in person or amongst the team very easy.

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Key Features

  • Different channels for teams, projects or topics
  • Smooth integration with different tools and services
  • The search option to find the information you need
  • Good security to keep your data protected

3. FreshBooks

Freshbooks is the perfect invoicing and accounting solution that makes your business financial operations much more efficient.

It’s specifically designed to fulfill the needs of small businesses financial operations. It offers a fast and reliable solution for creating quick invoices, tracking expenses and much more.

It helps businesses to spend less time doing accounting and more time doing the work they love.

Key Features

  • Easy Invoicing
  • Expense Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Cost Estimates
  • Mobile Friendly

4. Gmail

Effective communication through email is critical to business success at any stage. That is the reason why we need to have the best email service for our businesses.

Gmail is the most widely used email platforms around and offers the best email services.

It is powered by Google and comes with an array of free features. It’s also quick and makes communication easy through email with people anywhere around the globe.

Gmail lets its users organize email into designated folders in different categories such as primary, social and promotions.

Key Features

  • Free Storage
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Chat
  • Offline Access
  • Language Support
  • Spam Filtering
  • Language Support

5. Harvest

Harvest is the perfect application to monitor and increase team productivity. It helps in effectively manage the employee work tasks time and utilize it in the best possible way.

For those employees who value insights, Harvest is just the right product for them.

From knowing how employees are spending their time, to how much they are bringing in, the software is powerful enough to help you get answers to all such questions.

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Key Features

  • Time and Expenses Tracking
  • Team Time Tracking
  • Forecast Project Completion
  • Seamless Employee Payment
  • Scheduling Different Tasks

6. nTask

nTask is designed to help teams do more. It’s built to fit around your needs to help you effectively manage your team through a single project management tool.

It comes with a multitude of features to assist you in completing the different project successfully.

With nTask businesses don’t have to spend a lot of time managing different task and do things that help them grow through easy-to-use task board.

Key features

  • Time Tracking
  • Meeting Management
  • Multiple Board Views
  • Task Comments
  • Gantt Charts

7. Zoho One

Zoho one is an integrated suite of apps that has everything you need to run your business in an efficient manner.

It is a dedicated operating system for your business having 40+ impressive apps – all the tools you need to create, collaborate and communicate with your teams. Businesses just need to connect multiple apps together to allow teams to operate productively.

Key features

  • Efficient sales support through integration and CRM
  • Collaboration with online documents storage and sharing
  • Create custom applications
  • Manage multiple aspects of your business

8. Intercom

Intercom is customer support software that helps businesses to manage their sales, market products and retain customers.

It also helps to acquire and engage new customers. It’s a tool that definitely helps business on every step of their sales funnel.

With intercom, increasing sales has never been easier, all thanks to the multiple features it offers the users.

Key features

  • Real-time messaging
  • Effortless customer engagement
  • Bots for sales and support
  • Customer data platform
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Targeted messages
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9. Dropbox

For businesses of any scale and size, safe file storage is an important manner.

If you are running a company with a good number of employees that often need to team up with one another and share files, then Dropbox is just the application you need.

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage tools available for all business type. It’s quick and easy to set-up and offers a centralized location for quick and instant access.

Further, it comes with a number of built-in tools to help you operate the software in a much better way.

Even the writing professional at the premium essay writing service UK recommends Dropbox to businesses for their daily file sharing and collaboration among team members.

Key Features

  • High space for sharing and collaboration
  • Advanced security features
  • Dedicated live support
  • Custom access controls
  • Integrations with other applications

10. Bitrix24

When it comes to picking up software that offers a complete suite of management, collaboration and communication tools then Bitrix24 is the perfect choice for any business.

With Bitrix24 managing different aspects of your business becomes way too easy through its large set of features.

From traditional project management tools to advanced communication features, Bitrix24 offers tons of excellent features for managing businesses in a better way.

Key features

  • Faster and more efficient collaboration through an internal social network
  • The instant feedback, ideas sharing, and efficient employee engagement
  • Telephone integration to call directly from the CRM and record conversations
  • Online editing and document approval workflows
  • Works on mobile devices

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