How To Treat Sore Gums From Dentures

Mouth sores along the gum line for denture wearers are very uncomfortable and can make it difficult to wear false teeth, eat or talk. But in order to properly treat sore gums, it is best to have the issue investigated before the problem develops into something more serious.

Here we look at what causes your gums to become sore and irritated while wearing dentures. We also discuss what you can do about it to minimize the chance that it can happen to you.

Two Reasons For Gum Soreness

If you are just receiving your first ever partial or full denture, your mouth will take some time to adjust and get used to wearing dentures. This is one common cause of sore gums. Another is if your dentures do not fit properly. A poor fit can result from changes in your gum and jaw lines, as well as slight damage to your dentures.

In any case, the best solution to reduce the continuation of gum sores is to see your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist will have to make an adjustment to your dentures to make them fit properly in your mouth. It may take more than one visit and it is important to be patient during the corrective process.

Treating Sore Gums

There are several ways you can help speed the healing of the soreness in your gums. They include the following:

  • Remove dentures each and every night before going to bed. This allows saliva in your mouth to naturally coat the gums and soothes them.
  • Keep your dentures clean. By brushing and rinsing them daily you reduce the risk of food particles becoming trapped between the dentures and your gums contributing to soreness.
  • Rinse your mouth often. If you use warm saline water as a general rinse you can kill bacteria that can create skin irritations on the gum line.
  • Watch what you eat. Sore gums can be irritated simply from the foods you eat. While your gums are healing avoid foods that are salty and acidic.
  • Skip solid foods for awhile. Eating solid foods while treating sore gums is going to be painful. You can avoid this by altering your diet for a short period of time. Opt for soups, puddings, and protein shakes to give your gums a chance to heal without added irritation. For any solid foods, make sure that you cut it up into smaller pieces.
  • Treat with some heat. Applying a hot compress to irritated gums will do two things. It will soothe the irritation and can help to reduce any swelling that may have occurred.
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Reduce Gum Sores By Caring For Your Dentures

A simple way to keep your dentures from becoming misshapen is by taking good care of them when you are not using them. If your false teeth dry out they risk changing shape and even just a slight alteration can be enough to impact how they fit. You can avoid having this happen by doing the following:

  • Keep them moist. Always leave your dentures in a water bath or liquid cleaning solution when they are not in your mouth. The idea is to mimic the moist, wet environment inside your mouth. As dentures are made of mostly an acrylic compound, they need to remain wet in order to not change shape.
  • Clean them regularly. This has already been mentioned but it bears mentioning again. By keeping your dentures clean at all times it reduces the development of bacteria that can result in gum irritations. For some tips on foods to avoid when wearing dentures, click here.
  • Check how they fit. Each time you insert your dentures you should make a mental note of how they fit. If you notice changes see your dentist for an adjustment to prevent a problem by not addressing it sooner.

Dentures Are For More Than Just Eating

As false teeth are replacements for your natural teeth, they perform many tasks. In addition to allowing you to continue to eat properly, dentures assist with speech and make your smile look dazzling. A great set of teeth will also impact your self-image and self-confidence.

Many people experience minor pain at some stage due to wearing dentures. Treating sore gums quickly is important so that the irritation does not develop further.By doing so, you can continue to wear your false teeth and carry on with your day as your normally would.

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