A Trip to Sindh Province – Pakistan Tour

I always thought Sindh is not a great place for tourists until I went to a trip to Sindh with my friends. A trip to Sindh totally changed my opinion about this province of Pakistan. It has many historical and beautiful places for tourists. Let me show you a hidden and beautiful side of Sindh province. Following are the best places you can visit when planning a Pakistan Tour or a trip to Sindh.

Gorakh Hill

Saying that Gorakh Hill is the most beautiful and amazing tourists’ spot of Sindh wouldn’t be wrong. The place is also called “The Murree of Sindh” because of its coldest temperature. It is located at an elevation of 5700 feet in the Kirthar Mountains, north-west of Dadu city. When you visit the breathtaking place in winters, it is freezing cold there as the temperature drops below zero. However, during summer, it’s usually down 20 °C. In a past few years, Gorakh Hill station succeeded to get the attention of many tourists because of its iconic and fun places.


Sindh is the historical place with many civilizations, and Mohenjo-Daro is one of the most famous ones. Somehow, we all have studied about this place in our Pakistan Studies curriculum, but it is much more than what we studied in our textbooks.

Situated in Harappa, the historical town is also known as “the mound of dead.” The melancholy place gives away the vibes of hidden mysteries and tremendous architecture. Whether you are planning a Pakistan Tour or a trip to Sindh, this is a must-visit place in Pakistan.

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Bhambore is one of the oldest and most historical places in the world which counts back to 1st century BC. The ancient city is also known as Banbhore, and its architecture represents the impact of old civilization from the first century to the thirteenth century that includes three major periods of the world Scytho-Pathian, Hindu-Buddhist, and early Islamic development.

The museum of Bhambore has the specimens of the ancient era which shows that it was a well-planned and civilized city. The town also has worship spots including the first mosque of South East Asia and temples. If you spend a night here, you can lay under the beautiful blue sky full of stars and do some astrological photography.

By the laying under the sky with your loved ones is one of the most amazing feelings for couples who are on honeymoon packages in Pakistan.

KotDiji Fort

The town is commonly known as Ahmadabad which was built between the years 1785-1795. The KotDiji Fort is located in Khairpur which holds the significant importance of Sindh cultural heritages. This is an amazing place which must be visited by a photographer, tourist, or a person with wanderlust. If you are on honeymoon packages in Pakistan, you can spend some quality time with your life partner, exploring the great architecture and much more.

Keenjhar Lake

Keenjhar Lake is situated in Thatta which is the second largest freshwater lake of Pakistan. The lake is very important for many reasons like it is the main resource of drinking water for the Karachites and Thatta people. Also, it has a shrine of the Sindhi Legend Noori Jam Tamachi whose story holds a major importance in the history of Sindh.

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