5 Upcoming Industrial and Infrastructural Projects That Would Boost the Pricing of Real Estate in South Bangalore

Considering the current sentiment that the Karnataka capital is the virtual hub for new technologies, its state government has many plans to upgrade old structures and also introduce new systems using advanced technologies. There are at least five different industrial and infrastructure projects that make up the mega plan to convert Bangalore into a smarter city for its residents.

Greater Bangalore is poised to be a reality with extensions in the North and South regions. Naturally, this is also boosting the prices of real estate, especially in South Bangalore. Administrative connections in areas like Chikballapura, Kolar, Doddaballapura, Ramnagara, Banashankari, Kanakapura, and Tumkur are already on the radar for elevated flyovers, stadiums, the corridor for next-gen auditoriums and beautiful botanical gardens. If this does not make you search for property for sale in Bangalore south, then the opportunity will be missed when prices hit the roof in the future.

Realty markets altering infra-projects

In 2013, a case study was done on the feasibility of Bangalore for infrastructure development for land value projections. In parts of the southern region, flats for sale in Banashankari 2nd stage have resulted in improvement of many government projects. By 2015, the Namma Metro and NICE road have added more value to the areas.

Market watchers indicate that rentals and home owned apartments are valued in specific areas where commuting to work from home to office and back is more convenient to residents.  Banashankari is being developed in six different phases as the government projects take better shape. The flats for sale in Banashankari 2nd stage are being constructed with an eye on premium buyers. There are luxury apartments with high technology regulations to make life easier for the double income group of residents. As digital technology takes over in every part of daily life, it is natural that the government and builders are separately doing their bit to make connectivity easy for the citizens.

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Travel made easy

The smoothness of daily travel from one part of the city to another is critical. Removing road congestion is vital for the city to remain viable for a living. In southern regions like Banashankari, Uttarahalli, Kasaba, and Kengeri the Bangalore-Mysore corridor will function as the gateway to better connectivity. Hence, property around these regions will definitely attract genuine investors. There are already many projects that make South Bangalore an apt locale to do business and live comfortably.

Biggest infrastructural changes

  • Extension of phase I of Namma Metro.
  • Elevated expressways to remove congestion during peak hour
  • Proposals for the solar thermal plant, the ecosystem for Project Vayu by Sun Forest City, Cement Manufacturing by JK Cement have already been activated since 2012 when the green signal to start them was given.
  • Bidding for biotechnology park is complete
  • Real estate projects for luxury apartments, affordable housing are also active in most parts of the city.

How development impact home buyers

If you have already understood the possibility of investing in South Bangalore, then look for customized home options which will add value to the luxury property. With easy access to high tech devices to control security, safety, and daily life some residential projects are more in demand. Luxury apartments in South Bangalore are of different kinds. Builders who specialize in luxury homes have such projects in different parts of the city. Decide what a ‘luxury’ for you is. Does it have a landscaped garden?

Have the services of the leading international design firms been used?  Is 75% of the space open?Are conveniences of shopping, entertainment, and medical facilities nearby. Check for site plans to ensure that the built up space is ideal and bigger than the existing one you have. It goes almost without saying that a city’s worth is measured regarding employment opportunities it offers. Going by this rule, Bangalore ranks among the best in India. You are invited to make the most of the potential luxury residential projects under construction.

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