How to Use Cell Phone Spy Applications and 4 Top Apps to Protect Your Kids

Nowadays there’s no way to stop a kid from growing up without the influence of technology, Internet contents, and the online world in general. Being a parent is already an exhausting and tough enough task, but shying away from the topic in question or totally shutting out technology from your kid’s lives is not going to help you.

However, what you can do is to gain more control over what your kids exposed to while online. There are existing apps for this purpose for both iPhone and Android. Google Play Store might not have tougher restrictions than those present on Apple’s AppStore, so in case your child uses an Android smartphone (or have access to your own smartphone at their liberty), you may want to install some of the below parental control apps to aid you to monitor your child’s online moves. Some of them allow restrictions of online websites they may visit, the controlling of their text or calls, application downloads, location and how long they can spend on their smartphones.

The ideal way to know where your kids are is to have the sort of relationship with them in which they can tell you everything truthfully. But for the cases when the relationship is a bit strained, there is an application for that.

Here are some apps that will let you protect your cover as you monitor your kids’ online activities:


This is an app launcher with parental monitoring and child lock. The app prevents kids from installing new applications, texting, making phone calls or carrying out other actions that may cost you money. It can also protect your personal data and information when children are using your smartphone, tablet or kindle fire by restricting them to applications you allow. Includes certain convenience features for parents like auto application restart, very useful for the youngest kids who accidentally exit launched applications.

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Parental Control TheTruthSpy allows parents to filter out contents for adults, set time usage limits, restrict application purchases and even monitor phone calls, SMS and Internet activities. With GPS incorporated, you can monitor where your kid is, anytime, anywhere.


mSpy is one of the most used cell phone spy, smartphone tracking apps all around the globe. Its main feature is that you are able to monitor multiple elements with it: who they are calling, what they are texting, which applications they are using, the number of contacts, GPS location, and so on. While the landscape of spying applications is not limited, the simplicity of usage and reliability are important factors to be considered. The average teenager spends up to 7 hours per day in touch with others on smart devices, and on top of that, a recent survey found that by the time they are sixteen years old, 1 in 3 has regretted something they did on the Internet.

The Phone Sheriff

One awesome feature of the Phone Sheriff app is that it enables you to set time limits on your kid’s device. Would you like “Alright, you may play with your smartphone for one hour” to really mean just 1hour? This application will lock and shut down the smartphone when you tell it to.


This app is not so much a tracker application as 1 that restores a little control over your kid’s online activities. The middle school level will block gambling, online shopping, dating, liquor, and chat websites. The high school level will block adult content, sexual content, or contents that involve weapons or violence.

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Good luck with your children not using a friend’s smartphone!

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