5 Valuable Online Resources for Anyone New to Jiujitsu

Well, let’s be honest about it. There are no two ways when it comes to getting skilled and mastering the arts of Brazilian Jiujitsu. You need to have access to the best training and learning resources related to BJJ in order to acquire the motivation that is required for becoming a trained BJJ expert. Here are some of the key resources that can help you in obtaining the skills that you need for BJJ.

BJJ Heroes

There is no doubt about the fact that BJJ is a very niche sport. The pyramid of popularity associated with this sport is quite flat. Therefore, making sure that you are getting the right information, tips, tricks and hacks related to BJJ from a source that is reliable and credible enough is essential. BJJ Heroes is one of the few places that people are aspiring to become experts in the field of BJJ come to for seeking the right and reliable kind of information. Irrespective of whether you need to know about the latest techniques and positions in BJJ sports or the latest news and updates in the BJJ industry, BJJ Heroes is the resource that all jiujitsu fanatics turn to.

Slidey Foot

If you are interested in finding out detail, you will definitely love this resource. The place offers an extensive repository of information in the form of different resources, blogs and personal training journal related to BJJ. In addition to this, the resource is also quite one of the few to provide a rather unbiased and neutral history of Brazilian jiujitsu, which is something extremely valuable for someone new in BJJ.


This place is one of the few resources that provide people interested in purchasing different items and products related to BJJ. The place has all the necessary components and tools that people are aspiring to master the skill of BJJ. The presence of the review section on the site provides gi reviews or the GiSearch tool to find a great gi that suits your personal taste and specifications. The presence and availability of custom jiu jitsu gi help you in choosing the right product as per your taste and requirement.


This resource basically defines the meaning of aesthetic in the BJJ sports niche. Japanese styling shirts synchronized with anthropomorphic animals to provide you with the street and training wear you can feel proud and confident to wear inside as well as outside the gym. Along with this, a resource is also a suitable place for finding the best grappling tights that fit the theme and the feel of BJJ.

JiuJitsu Family

One of the unique features that help in differentiating this resource is the way in which BJJ helps in bringing families together. Jiujitsu family helps in understanding the different nature of the challenges that people in this sport have to go through, and the ways in which they intend to create a balance between sports and their family requirements with the help of jiujitsu.

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