Elevated Pleasure Quotient in vehicles with Android IVI Solutions

IVI is fast becoming the next quantum leap, in the automobile technology. Today, the market has become tougher for the OEMs, with customers demanding a mix of high-end luxury offerings along with latest electromechanical automobile technology.  IVI or in-vehicle-infotainment is a gamut of software and hardware components that synchronize to form the vehicles’ audio video entertainment.  Our vehicles need to shoulder with the complex transportation system, by increasing the connectivity components, thus making the vehicle more responsive to the external and internal environment.  With the wave of smartphones around the world, there was an increasing need to synchronize the phone with an integrated Bluetooth based system and complementing the integration with in-built speakers, to facilitate hands-free telephonic communication, while driving.

In modern times, the auto giants are in relentless pursuit, of making each driving sessions a customer delight. Not only the core functionality of Smartphone, but also its secondary features like social media interaction, video calling, and texting are also facilitated. This has inevitably raised concerns about the safety of the passengers while driving. To meet the safety compliances and add to user experience, OEMs around the world have come out with a smart solution, which embeds the system on to the car’s dashboard, through the Android operating system. The dashboard integration, adds to the familiarization, so that the driver may concentrate more on driving, than operating complex interfaces.

Any new technology in the past has always preferred the high segment or variants of the vehicle. With time, it percolates down to the lower segments. However, with the cost-effectiveness of Android IVI Solutions, every variant gets the awesomeness of one-touch infotainment.  The best aspect of Android OS is probably, the simplicity of the technology and the flexibility it gives to the developer to modify any feature, with ease.  With Android OS, statutory safety and security compliances are met with ease.  There is a host of new features, like the on-demand cloud-based integration of the system; in which user can share (A/V) file formats over the Internet.  Entire telematics can be designed onAndroidd platform for the versatility of the package.

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Under the influence of (IOT), internet of things in today’s gen-next cars, android solutions are finding increasing use, in mission-critical components of the vehicle, like engine control unit, or braking management system.  The system captures data through various sensors, and process information like the speed of the vehicle. Parental control can be set at this pretext, by defining a speed limit. If the car crosses the limit, an alarm or email intimation could be sent on to the Android-based screen, for speed correction.  Similar features can be mapped, in terms of the boundary of vehicle operation, through the system of GPS based Geofencing.  If the car leaves a certain geographic boundary, then an instant communication can be sent to alert the driver.

The android IVI solutions also stretch its arms, to measure engine fault codes, wheel alignment, and terrain analysis segments. Car diagnostics to onboard information about climate control can be delivered in a nutshell, to elevate driving experience.  The entertainment quotient is addressed with features like one push music on demand, FM/AM stations Bluetooth connectivity with the user Smartphone device.   Advanced features like gesture control, is easily achieved with Android IVI solutions.  The driver can access his/her favorite song or application, just by waving his hand in the air.  Android-based driver profile management allows for face recognition and voice command and control of the vehicle operations.   Corporate people can reap the benefit of a personal organizer, by auto event scheduler or recall feature.  They can even schedule live meetings on the go, with high definition audiovisual experience.

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