Get That Sleep!: 6 Ways to Have a Better and Sound Sleep

For you to have a better and sound sleep, you must start by making the right setting for your mind and body to relax and recharge.

Nowadays, many people consider their bedrooms as a multi-functional space, but in the end, it is still a place for sleep. Hence, you should make it as the most comfortable and luxurious place of your home.

Would you not feel better if you wake up each morning feeling refreshed and relaxed? If you want your day to have a great start, make sure that you make your bedroom an ideal place for sleeping. Here are some tips to start making changes to your bedroom to make it a spot conducive to sleeping.

Turn Off the Night Lights


Turn Off the Night Lights

According to a study, exposure to too much light before and during sleep can hinder the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep-and-wake cycle. Even dim lights have shown to be a culprit that prevent us from getting that good night sleep.

In our modern lifestyle, there is no doubt that we would find it hard to get to sleep. Modern devices such as TVs, smartphones, computers, and that overhead lighting can expose us to too much light and interrupt our sleep.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to keep off from these modern devices and turn off your overhead light before going to bed.

Clean Up the Clutter

Yes, for real, a disorganized and messy bedroom can distract you from drifting into dreamland and getting your much-needed sleep. Too much clutter in your sleep sanctuary can cause you anxiety and uneasiness. Hence, minutes before going to sleep, you should declutter to make your bedroom conducive to relaxation.

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There are plenty of storage options to keep your room look neat and in order. For example, you can choose a nightstand drawer or a cube basket to store odds and ends, and for large items, go for a shelf or a dresser to keep them out of sight before going to bed.

Keep It Cool

Hot temperatures can have an adverse impact on getting that good night’s sleep. According to sleep experts, the ideal temperature range for your bedroom should be around 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In this way, you will not feel too hot and sweaty.

You can adjust the thermostat around this temperature range to help you sleep soundly at night. But if you want to go for greener alternatives you can have a ceiling fan, or you can open the windows to let in the natural air to keep you cool at night.

Keep the Room Quiet

Like a thief in the night, unwanted sounds can steal your sleep away from you. Whenever the origins of the sounds, whether it be from within the room, across the street, down the hall, noise can hinder you to get that good night’s sleep.

If your sleep environment has unwanted sounds that make you stay up all night, you can try installing a white noise machine in your bedroom. White noise machines generate calming, mellow sounds that will help drown out other sounds for a relaxing sleep.

Design Your Bedroom in a Soothing Color Scheme

If you have trouble sleeping, do not design your bedroom in bright, vibrant colors. Yes, it can be fun, but it will not help you sleep comfortably. Instead, go for a calming color scheme such as pastels, muted blues, and light green because they are more peaceful than any colors.

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Get Yourself a Comfy Mattress

Get Yourself a Comfy Mattress

The solution to the problem of sleep deprivation may be as simple as getting a new, comfortable mattress. If your mattress is too soft, hard, or lumpy for you, it will bother you all night long trying to relax and drift off to sleep.

You should research to look for a mattress that is ideal for the type of sleeper like yourself. There are several options for a mattress on the market today. There is foam, innerspring, airbed, waterbed, and latex mattresses for every type of sleepers.

If you think that mattress in the store is right for you, make sure to test it out before buying it. Feel at home and try lying down on it as you would do at home. Also, do not forget to ask for a warranty. Mattresses have 30- to-60-day warranty, so try to avail for one.


Sleeping is very important to keep you healthy and do the necessary works and responsibilities for the day. Without getting enough sleep, you will feel stressed and exhausted. Hence, you should make it your goal to sleep better at night to accomplish things you want to do in life.

Getting a good night’s sleep may be as simple as transforming your bedroom into an ideal place for sleeping. Turning off the light, cleaning up the clutter, keeping the room quiet, and getting a comfy mattress are the ways to make your room ideal for sleeping.

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