9 Ways to Wear a Bralette in the Winter

As long as the weather outside would allow, bralettes are quick and easy to add to your outfit from both a fashion and practical standpoint. The only season they pose some challenges is winter.

However, with a few simple tips and tricks, there are multiple ways to rock this summer staple even in cold and snowy conditions.

How to Wear a Bralette in Winter

Every season has its own classic pieces and trends. While bralettes may seem like they’re only bearable during spring, summer, and fall, you’ll soon find out there are ways to style bralettes all year round, including the winter!

You might not care whatever you wear inside during winter because they’ll be hidden anyway, right? Wrong! Bralettes make the world of a difference as they transform into the ultimate inner piece and peek out from your three- or four-layered outfits. It doesn’t have to be with boring loose t-shirts either; you can choose from a multitude of options.

1. Wear Under Oversized Plaid or Flannel Shirts

As soon as fall rolls around, plaid and flannel take over as the classics of the season and continue into winter. Rather than fully buttoning up the shirt, leave the top few buttons undone, and have a bralette show from underneath.

If you’re larger in the bust region, this is the perfect way to wear flannels without feeling like you’re going to pop out of the shirt!

2. Pair with Scarves

The intricate and appealing details of bralettes can’t be seen without showing at least a little bit of skin. Scarves allow you to showcase some detail from the straps or the tops of your bralette while covering up the neck where the cold may hit you easily.

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3. Let Them Peek Through Sheer Tops

Sheer and mesh tops are great for the winter holiday season, especially for holiday parties! These types of tops look dressier than a normal t-shirt, especially if you pair a lace bralette underneath. Even though the fabrics are usually pretty thin, you don’t have to worry about its long-sleeved and high neck coverage because your bralettes are going to be seen either way.

4. Use Open Back Tops to Showcase the Back

Most of these ideas suggest showing the bralettes from the front. Open back shirts show a different angle of the bralette for once: the backside. Since there’s less chance to cover up with this style, just make sure that your blouse’s fabric is thick and heavy so the cold air can’t easily get through.

5. Put on Cable Knit Sweaters

There’s nothing cozier than a loose knit sweater. Ones with intentional holes in them or those that have a low or wide neck, turning the piece into an off-shoulder, work best so your bralettes can show through.

6. Try Them with Jackets

The material used for winter jackets are usually specific to prevent cold air from seeping through it. With this ability, you don’t really need much of an inner piece past your bralette because that one layer would be protection enough for your arms and body. Here are just a few winter jackets to choose from:

  • Bomber or biker-style jacket
  • Leather jacket
  • Denim jacket
  • Quilted jacket

If you know you are going to be inside for most of the day or night, pair a cute bralette with one of the jackets mentioned above and keep your jacket open to let your bralette peek through.

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7. Rock Under Blazers

Work doesn’t stop just because it’s snowing, and you looking like a boss lady doesn’t have to be compromised either. Forget dressy blouses, blazers are the way to go if you’re intent on being an office fashionista even in the winter.

Bralettes could peek through the low V neckline of blazers like an undershirt of a business suit. To stay on the more conservative side, crop top-like and high neck bralettes are probably the safest to wear underneath – with or without dress codes.

8. Wear Over Long-Sleeved Shirts

We’re used to bralettes being the innermost layer in outfits. That doesn’t always have to be the case though. During the winter, think outside the box and layer bralettes over your plain long-sleeved shirts or button-down shirts. This will help you survive the cold weather while also showing your bralette in its entirety like you would during the summer!

9. Pair with High-waisted Pants and a Cardigan

If you want to keep your midriff mostly covered, pair a crop top or longline bralette with high-waisted pants. Add a cardigan for additional warmth (or even a heavy coat if you’re battling the snow). This outfit is pretty versatile and can be worn with numerous types of high-waisted pants, from jeans to slacks to leggings.


Even though it’s cold outside, there are still a number of ways to wear this undergarment to keep you looking stylish and trendy. Try one of the ways we mentioned above, or pair a couple together to create a unique look!

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