5 Web Design Forums Every Web Designer Should Join

The pace at which web design is evolving makes it extremely difficult for website design agency or web designers to keep pace with it. If you want to what is hot in the web design circles, then you should be a part of a community or forum. The best thing about design forums is that it fulfills many other purposes.

You can get feedback on your creations, search for scripts or discuss your problems with the community and get a solution for it. With so many web design communities and forums to choose from, there are chances that you might end up choosing a wrong forum. To save you from such a situation, here are five design forums that web designer needs to follow.

1.   Digital Point

One of the largest web master communities in the world, Digital Point also has a massive forum with thousands of active users. Whether it is web design or development, you will find a huge catalog of discussion. In addition to this, you will also find on other topics such as Search Engines, Marketing and Business, Buy, Sell and Trading, which is an additional bonus.

2.   Designer Hangout

When it comes to activeness, Designer Hangout takes the lead over all the other design communities. It is the most active forum for UX designers on the internet. Due to its strict vetting process, they make sure that forum is not used for any other purpose other than high-quality web design discussions. Discuss user experience with top researchers on Design Hangout.

3.   Webdesignforum.net

With more than 55,000 members and growing, Webdesignforums.net is one of the oldest web design forums online. Whether you are looking for answers to web design and development problems or want to resolve server setup or hosting issues, this community of web designers provide you solutions to all your problem irrespective of which domain it belongs to. If you want a delve deeper on a wide range of topics, then this forum is an ideal choice.

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4.   HOW Design

Do you want to show your creations to web design professionals and get honest feedback from them? If your answer is yes, HOW Design forum should be your next digital stop. You will get many useful tips along with getting answers to your questions. Do not forget to check out its active freelance and business section where you will find ways to get new freelance web design projects and how to grow your web design business.

5.   Coffee Cup

The main objective of this web design community is to help web designers in creating class-leading websites. The rich history behind this web design forum and its highly focused approach to software and web design attracts web designers towards it. It all started in a real coffee shop back in 1996 when Coffee Cup Software started this forum with a simple HTML editor. This web design community has evolved over the years. Today, it has become a great resource for web designers who want to create better website every time.


Although, there are many web design forums that you can explore the five web above design forums are those you cannot afford to miss. Whether you want to get your specific problem resolved related to web design or want to display your web designs and get feedback, these web design forums are a great way to get started. If you have any other web design forum in mind that, deserve to make our list, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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