Wedding Anniversary Cakes – Why Are They So Special?

Wedding anniversaries cakes are extremely special, in the sense that, it brings back a lot of sweet memories. As a matter of fact, gifting anniversary cakes is an art, and therefore requires a lot of planning. Anniversaries make you remember certain fond memories which are intricately weaved in our daily lives. Cakes are in fact items which are gifted on special days and wedding anniversary cakes are no exception. A celebration of wedding anniversaries with the help of anniversary cake online order have been very common in the daily lives of people, and such celebrations call for a plan, which needs to be thoroughly well designed.

Types and Categories of Anniversary Cakes

Anniversary cakes look a little different when compared to the ones that are gifted on birthdays. However, there are different choices and preferences of customers who order for wedding anniversary cakes online. There are certain categories of cakes which can be ordered online and includes the following:

  1. Golden jubilee wedding cakes – These are basically big heart shaped cakes usually which have the number of years embedded. These kinds of cakes are gifted on the 50th year of marriage.
  2. Silver wedding cakes – These are again a little different from the earlier one, however, are used for celebration during the 25th year of marriage.
  3. Platinum wedding cakes – These are mostly very expensive of the lot. Usually, such cakes are gifted during 75th year of the marriage

Usually, anniversary cakes are specially made to be ordered according to individual requirements. These cakes vary in shapes and sizes. However, from the names of the cakes, it is well understood that such cakes are representations for various years that you might have spent with your spouse or beloved. Depending on the content of the wedding cakes, as per consumer preferences, there are various categories that can be ordered for. These include the following:

  1. Cream cakes
  2. Chocolate cakes
  3. Plum cakes
  4. Floral decorative cakes
  5. Designer cakes decorated with ferns
  6. Rose valley cakes with roses mounted on the top for garnishing
  7. Jewel toned wedding cakes
  8. Tiny wedding cakes
  9. Swoon-worthy marbled cakes
  10. Specially decorated bridal cakes
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Each of the above cakes is made to order and marks the event of wedding anniversary. However, as per the opinion of five-star chefs, each and every type of cake mentioned can vary in terms of prices. Different vendors propose different prices, and branded cakes are usually very expensive. However, very often it has been seen that online offers can give you certain discounts as well.

Order the Cake in Time and Make the Anniversary Party Happy and Lively

Since a wedding anniversary is a special occasion, it is advised that you make a thorough plan beforehand in order to buy or order cakes. Ordering cakes are very easy online and payments can be made immediately. However, choice of cakes, are extremely important and ideally, each of the cakes you order for such occasions should match with the aura of the occasion. Besides, there are choices and preferences in addition to budgets which can be driving factors in ordering anniversary cakes online.

Gracing the occasion with memories and memorable cake

To buy anniversary cake online has become a major trend nowadays. Such memorable occasions can be graced with different types of cakes, each one suited to the mood of the occasion. Ordering cakes online are easy if you understand the process and prefer to save time and cost as well.

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