Vehicle Transportation enables workforce mobility in Canada

Although technology has made it easier for employees to work remotely, there is still a need for (and value in) a robust workplace mobility program. Many organizations use global mobility to aid in growth, increase revenue, and keep employees engaged. Global companies also rely on workforce mobility programs to support expats, acquire international talent, and strategically move key employees to new business locations. More than ever, transporting vehicles is an integral part of many businesses, both by assisting with employee relocations and by transporting purchased vehicles to buyers.

Vehicle transportation carriers need to understand the unique needs of customers and be ready to be a vital part of the workforce mobility process.

A well-rounded vehicle transportation services provider will offer an array of services, spanning across various industries, including:

  • Rental agency inventory moves and returns
  • Major and independent van lines
  • Dealership trades
  • Corporate relocations
  • Fleet transportation services
  • Military Moves

Here are some things to look for when considering a partner to enable workforce mobility:


Trust is the foundation of any long-lasting business relationship, and your service provider should want to ensure they support the growth of your company and provide value to your organization. Look for a company that is SmartWay Certified and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. A well-rounded company that is well positioned to help you with workforce mobility will work with a variety of business throughout Canada and the U.S. and focus on building collaborative partnerships rather than completing transactions.

Strong industry partnerships

Having a strong partnership with one of Canada’s major rail companies (such as CN rail or CP rail), and having  the exclusive contract to move used inventory on those rail networks is a significant advantage as it makes moving vehicles across the country a safer and more efficient process. Furthermore, having the majority of branch offices located on the railway’s auto compounds helps make the multi-mode transition from truck to rail as seamless as possible.

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Quality people

When thinking about workforce mobility, you want to ensure you procure the best possible service, while being mindful of cost. Your vehicle transportation service provider should have rigorous procedures, and hiring and training processes ensure everyone who handles your car is an experienced, well-trained professional.

While you may not have insight into a company’s hiring practices, you can learn a lot by asking the right questions and doing your research. Consider, what are the prospective service provider’s core values? Look for a company that advocates for respect, client focus, decisiveness and a positive attitude from the moment you choose to first interact with them to the moment the vehicles are delivered to the destination.


How long has the prospective service provider been in business? A company with decades of experience moving vehicles across the country has learned a thing or two about best practices. Arranging a corporate move is difficult enough and this is why you need a partner with a company with infrastructure and experience unmatched in the business.

With a solid infrastructure, deep industry knowledge, and extensive experience, your service provider would have the size and experience to handle any vehicle move, whether you’re moving one or multiple vehicles.

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